We are here to help you make your experience at the best Lincolnshire holiday cottages a great one. To have a memorable stay you must consider both the accommodation and nearby attractions.

With us, you have charming and comfortable surroundings. You will also never end up bored, especially people who love the outdoors. With lots of attractions and almost 100 nature reserves to check out around Lincolnshire, you have plenty of choice.

Whisby Nature Park

If you are looking for a family day out, this could be the place for you. With an outdoor play area and access for both pushchairs and wheelchairs, it offers flowery scenes and views of wildlife.

Red Hill Nature Reserve

This is a place that is great for wildflower admirers. With meadows all around and an array of colours, it is mesmerising. It is ideal for leisurely strolls, especially romantic ones.

Woodhall Spa Airfield Nature Reserve

Heritage is something you’ll never fail to find in the region. In the past this place was the home of four RAF squadrons, and then used as a sand and gravel quarry. At this particular spot, you will find many kinds of insects and a peaceful setting.

Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

With both sandy beaches and rolling countryside, it is somewhere you can see all kinds of local wildlife. Visitors should have plenty to see and do.

Rushmoor Country Park

Have you ever wanted to feed a lamb or ride a pony? You can here and it is great for all ages. If the weather permits, you can even have a falconer experience. After all this, you can enjoy the ornamental gardens, tea room and picnic areas.

Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve

An unspoilt area where you can view grazing cattle as well as try some bird spotting. If you are lucky you may see a little tern, Lincolnshire’s rarest breeding bird.

Come to Old Barn Cottages for a fun and friendly setting. If you want to know more about our Lincolnshire holiday cottages, contact us today. We can provide information about everything from the location to the facilities we offer.